The creators of EverStride have tapped into cutting edge scientific formulas for foot care and skin care products that help eliminate (or reduce) chafing, blisters, callus build-up and protect your skin from the natural elements and the sun. When your feet and skin are able to perform to their maximum, so can you. And it doesn't matter whether you're running in scorching heat or temperature dipping cold, get that extra edge with EverStride.



"Being a long-time triathlete I have always struggled with chafing issues while biking and especially swimming with a wetsuit. I made the switch to EverStride’s Anti Chafing Sport Stick over a year ago and can unequivocally say it’s the best product on the market. Not only does EverStride’s Anti Chafing Sport Stick go on smooth and protect me from chafing, but the products moisturizing properties allow it to absorb into the skin leaving no greasy residue and skin-drying after effects. During my races I come out of the water chafe free and the product continues working through the rigorous demands of biking and running half and even full ironman distance triathlons. I never put on my wetsuit before a race anymore without first applying EverStride’s Anti Chafing Sport Stick."

Justin Bland, Triathlete
S. Florida

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